Insurers Have Offered Me A Quick Settlement. Should I Take It?

It is becoming increasingly common these days, for insurers of a third party to telephone or otherwise contact an injured person, with an offer of settlement at a very early stage.

If your injury really was very trivial, then settlement at that stage may be appropriate, but beware!

Once you have settled your claim, it is finalised. You cannot bring a further claim later.

Therefore if, for example, the insurers have telephoned you out of the blue and offered a sum to settle your claim, and you have ongoing problems, it would probably be very unwise to accept that offer. Wait and see how your injury progresses.

Taking a quick settlement of a small sum at an early stage may not actually be in your best interests.

Remember, insurers are not making you an offer to settle your claim out of the goodness of their hearts. What they are trying to do is to buy off a potentially much larger claim, if the injury proves to be more serious.

Generally speaking, our advice is that if you receive an offer out of the blue, do not accept it. At least, not without seeking specialist advice.

The Government is currently considering banning the practice of insurers making offers before a medical report has obtained – a move that would be very welcome, in the interests of injured people.