How much will it cost me?

In relation to the divorce itself, there is one fee payable to the Court of £410.

It is possible to agree to split the costs of the divorce proceedings with your spouse, however, if an agreement is not possible, an order from the Court can be sought to the same effect.

The Court fee is fixed, whilst any work under taken by a Solicitor is normally charged at a private hourly rate. However, we may be able to assist you on a fixed fee basis, if your circumstances are appropriate, and we are happy to discuss the possibility of working on a fixed fee basis.

Costs relating to divorce can be quite hard to predict at an early stage in the process, as much will depend on how far you and your spouse are able to agree, and what the issues are between you. If you and your spouse have been able to reach a decision between yourselves, costs may only be payable in relation to having the agreement formalised by way of a Court Order. Costs can also depend on the method of dispute resolution used. The Court process is the most expensive option available, however, alternative dispute resolution can in some circumstances be more cost effective.

The overall costs will vary depending on each person’s individual set of circumstances. An estimate of the overall likely fees will be discussed with you during an initial meeting and after full details of your circumstances has been provided.