My partner/spouse is harassing me- what can I do?

In any circumstance, if you are being harassed, you should call the police. The police have powers under the Protection from Harassment Act to deal with harassment claims and seek restraining orders from the Court to prevent a person from harassing another.

However, if you feel that you are not making any headway with the police, we are able to offer you advice in relation to making an application to the Court, in respect of a Non-Molestation Order, that can help to prevent one person from harassing another. Alternatively, if the person is living with you, it may be possible to obtain an Occupation Order excluding the abusive person from the home or part of it. These orders can have powers of arrest attached to them, so that if a person is in breach of the Order, the police are able to intervene.

Much will depend on your circumstances and the extent of harassment you are experiencing, therefore we would urge you to seek legal advice and maintain an accurate record of the time, date and extent of the harassment.