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Advice On Staff Solicitors In Canterbury

Despite the promises of successive governments, the burden of laws and regulations never seems to decrease.

Nowhere is this more true than in the field of employment law. A successful business cannot do without its staff, but those staff often provide many headaches for business owners and managers.

Our specialist employment solicitors are only a phone call away and can advise you quickly and straight forwardly on any employment issue.

Experienced Advice on Staff Isssues

There are many organisations that promise to provide you with quick, practical advice – they usually also require you pay a significant sum for the privilege, whether you call them or not.

With Gardner Croft you can rest secure in the knowledge that our specialist advice is there when you need it and that you will only be charged for the advice you actually get.

Our specialist employment lawyers not only provide advice on employment issues, they also have extensive experience of bringing and defending employment claims.

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