Gardner Croft supports the Festival Chamber Orchestra

For several years Gardner Croft has been proud to support the Festival Chamber Orchestra which performs several times a year at venues in and around Canterbury with an eclectic mix of classical and modern music, supported by such musical luminaries as David Rees-Williams (piano and composer), John Harle (clarinet and composer), Kathryn Jenkin (soprano) Ian Ballamy (jazz saxophone) and Stephen Barlow (piano, composer and conductor).

The partners were delighted to be joined by guests at the FCO’s Bach to Bowie Concert at the International Studies Centre on Friday 22nd March. The FCO was joined by Ian Shaw (radio presenter, actor and regarded by many as the UK’s leading male jazz singer) as well as by David Rees-Williams, Julie Walkington (double bass) and James Nall (drums) for a programme which included some Classical masterpieces with DR-W’s brilliant reworkings, through to Joni Mitchell, the Beatles and David Bowie (with whom Ian had performed). Some of Ian Shaw’s original compositions from his recent album were also included which provided a wonderful cross section of musical styles.