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Canterbury Index Profile with Tim Townsend

Canterbury Index Profile with Tim Townsend

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How long have you been a partner at Gardner Croft and what major changes have you seen in the law since you qualified?

I’ve been a partner at Gardner Croft since 1988. Restrictions to public funding for legal services together with increased bureaucracy in solicitors’ regulation have changed the nature of the profession I joined.

What do you think of Canterbury’s recent bid to become a Business Improvement District?

It is difficult to see any direct benefit for the professional sector but any initiative which provides ring-fenced funding to improve the look, feel and security of Canterbury City centre for the benefit of its businesses, residents and visitors has to be a good thing.

How important is it for Gardner Croft to support local charities and the community?

It’s very important. The charities and organisations we support either as a business or personally are at the heart of our community.

Competition for solicitors in Canterbury is tough. What sets Gardner Croft apart?

We think that knowing our clients and building relationships with them is at the heart of a successful business and we believe we do that better than most of our competitors.

How would your team describe your leadership skills?

I would like to think they would say I’m a good listener, empathetic and democratic.

What would be a great night out in Canterbury for you?

A nice meal in a local restaurant followed by a night at the Marlowe Theatre or a concert would be good.

How do you relax?

I race sailing boats. It’s not always very relaxing but it presents different challenges to work. I also enjoy watching good quality hockey.

Do you Tweet?

I confess I have, but not perhaps as often as I should.

Who would be your top 3 dinner party guests (living or dead)?

Sir Ben Ainslie, Peter Sellers and my wife.

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