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An update from Atlantic Lions

An update from Atlantic Lions

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However the start for the 2015 Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge has been delayed. The decision was taken late last week to delay the race until this coming SUNDAY 20th DECEMBER. The reason for this - strong southerly winds which would hamper the fleets ability to safely clear El Hiero, the most south-westerly of the Canary Islands and the last point of land between us and the Caribbean.

In these past two weeks - where we have been prepping the boat and our ourselves as best we can here in sunny La Gomera - we have come to realise there are some things we certainly can't control, and weather is one of them. Not dwelling on this is a skill that will be even more crucial out at sea.

However, moving onto more positive thoughts - we are delighted to announce that our fundraising total at present sits at £53,574!! This is an unbelievable figure and we are overwhelmed by the continued support that comes in daily. We are well on our way to the £100,000 target we have set ourselves for the MS Trust come the end of our campaign.

We plan on getting back on the water for a bit of practice with the tiller-pilot (automatic steering) in the next few days and are regularly checking the weather forecast to plan the quickest route out of here! T-minus five days.

(Photos included are from our past few weeks in La Gomera as well as a link to our Facebook page which we're trying to promote and reach 1000 likes before Sunday! Please circulate as far and wide as you can!)

I have included a link to the race tracker where you can follow the progress of us (and all our competitors).

This link has also been embedded into our own website

There is also a link to the most recent race preview video which does feature a couple of Lions!

Best wishes


PS - Finally, I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year from the Atlantic Lions. And we’ll see you on the other side!"

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