What are my legal rights on divorce?

This is often the first, and perhaps most obvious, question for anyone who is going through or considering a separation or divorce.  This leads to other important questions such as: how will property be divided and how will arrangements for children be decided. 

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Will the election result kick start the property market?

Some said that a Conservative majority would present a real boost to the economy and confidence to the property market. Those same commentators said that a Labour majority might not have quite the same impact on property prices but that under a Jeremy Corbyn led Government first time buyers would get more help. Another hung Parliament was not seen as good news at all. Other commentators were less confident as they felt neither of the major parties had a coherent housing strategy for the future.

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Are you bored of Brexit?

Whether you are a remainer, a leaver or an inbetweener you have probably been peeking out from that safe place behind the sofa like me, watching what’s been going on in Parliament and the EU and trying to work out what is going to happen and whether you can make plans for the future.

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