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Communicate, Communicate, Collaborate

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Communicate, Communicate, Collaborate

If you are separating from your spouse or partner, there are several ways that the arrangements relating to finances and children can be resolved.

Most people think about going to Court and concerns about an acrimonious and costly legal battle inevitably arise. Sometimes, the Court process is the most appropriate route, but there is another way, based on a separating couple resolving their differences without going to Court and, instead, talking things through. This is called Collaborative law.

The Collaborative route has many benefits, including:

  • Cost-efficiency - this process can in many cases cost less than going to Court.
  • A tailor-made negotiation - the process focuses on the concerns and objectives of both individuals, who decide what they want to talk about. Special care is taken to ensure that each person's voice is heard and that what matters to them is taken into account. The lawyers are specially trained to practise Collaborative Law and will guide the discussions and provide advice throughout.
  • Privacy - meetings take place in private at the lawyers' offices, not at Court. This provides a safe environment in which sensitive matters can be discussed.

For the duration of the Collaborative process, each person agrees not to go to Court. There is an emphasis on working together, around the table, not through the exchange of letters between the lawyers. In this way, the respective parties are in control of the speed at which matters move forward and they choose the times for the meetings.

There is also scope, where needed, to call on other professionals as part of the process, for example an Independent Financial Advisor, to provide specific advice.

If you would like to know more about the Collaborative process, or you feel this would work well for you and your spouse or partner, contact us to arrange an initial appointment at a cost of £180 to discuss the process in more detail and your options.

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