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Are You Ready To Sell?

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Are You Ready To Sell?

Apart from instructing an estate agent, there are however a number of things you also need to consider which will ease the selling process. Here are some of them:-

  • If you have extended or altered your property, make sure that appropriate Planning and Building Regulation Consents have been obtained and that Certificates of Completion (obtained from the Council) are available. Their absence may cause your sale to be delayed.
  • Instruct your Solicitor early. Your Solicitor will have various forms for you to complete relating to the property and the items you will be taking or leaving behind which your Buyer will wish to see. It is helpful if they are completed as soon in the selling process as possible, particularly if you are selling a flat, as your Solicitor will also have to write to the Landlord or Managing Agent to confirm rent and service charge information, who can take a while to respond.
  • Your Solicitor can also check your Deeds early to ensure there are no hidden 'horrors' which might cause delay! Rights of way and flying freeholds (when part of your property is under or over part of an adjoining property) are just two areas which can cause problems.
  • If the house or flat you are selling is an investment property, and has been rented out, make sure the relevant Gas and Electrical Inspection Certificates are up-to-date and available. Your Buyer will want to see them.
  • Have a realistic timetable for completion. Although HIPs were originally trumpeted by the Government as time saving provisions, they are not necessarily so. Your Buyer will still probably require a survey and if buying with a mortgage, the Lender will need a Valuation Report. Some Lenders will still require a full local authority search to be obtained which may not be contained in the HIP. There may also be a chain of transactions which will affect progress.
  • Do not book your removals until you have an agreed completion date that you know every party in the chain will meet. Most removal companies make expensive penalty charges for cancellations or re-arranged bookings.

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