Who gets the dog on divorce?

Although the title to this article might raise a smile, the question of where, or rather with whom, pets will live is often a very important decision during a separation or divorce. Pets are frequently considered to be part of the family with the responsibility, both financial and practical, playing a big factor in family life. So, what will happen to pets on divorce?
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What are my legal rights on divorce?

This is often the first, and perhaps most obvious, question for anyone who is going through or considering a separation or divorce.  This leads to other important questions such as: how will property be divided and how will arrangements for children be decided. 
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Calls For a No-Fault Divorce – An update

Following the article we published in June 2017 where we discussed the impact of a recent Court decision and calls for a no-fault divorce that followed that decision, there have been some developments in that case.
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