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The So-called Quick Divorce

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The So-called Quick Divorce

The separation of David Walliams and his wife, Lara Stone, the parting of Nigella Lawson from Charles Saatchi and the split of Gary Lineker and Danielle Bux are some recent examples. It was recently reported that ‘nasty Nick’ from Big brother had a divorce hearing that lasted a mere 30 seconds.

So, just a few weeks after a celeb marriage split and a so called quickie divorce, is that the end of the legal matter? Have the financial fortunes been divided and arrangements for children been agreed? Do the rich and famous get quicker divorces because of their wealth and status? In short, no.

The initial stages of a divorce process can take only a few weeks. But it is the more complex and substantial issues of resolving the financial matters and arrangements for the children that take time and demand careful consideration. After all, the decisions that are made now will impact both of the individuals concerned and their children for the rest of their lives.

These important issues do not sit comfortably against the notion of a quick divorce and the idea that the divorce process in its entirety, including finances and children, is dealt with swiftly is somewhat of a misconception. What the public do not see after the news of a celeb split and the very initial (quickie) stages of the divorce are the often detailed negotiations that will take place between the couple and their solicitors. These discussions are private and confidential and are often not reported in the press, with the exception that some cases are reported.

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Words: Joanna Illingworth

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