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A Family Christmas

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A Family Christmas

For many people, Christmas is a time of excitement, which is preceded by a great deal of preparation. But for every separated family, the most important consideration is likely to be where their children will spend Christmas and, specifically, with whom.

It is a painful fact that separated parents cannot always agree on Christmas arrangements for their children.

Nonetheless, parents in this position are well advised to 'grasp the nettle'and make arrangements as soon as possible, because leaving matters to the last minute risks a lot of upset, even heartbreak, as well as increased hostility.

If you find that you cannot reach an agreement with your former partner or spouse, you may need family legal advice. If so, our family solicitors at Gardner Croft can help steer you through the procedures.

Acting on your behalf, we can work towards reaching an agreement with your former partner in a constructive and conciliatory way. There is little doubt that an early and agreed arrangement between parents is by far the best, however, if no agreement can be found, we can assist you in approaching the Court for a resolution.

For more information and to arrange an initial consultation, contact Gardner Croft today.

Written by: Joanna Illingworth

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