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What is an Employment Law Settlement?

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What is an Employment Law Settlement?

Is your employer asking you to sign a Settlement Agreement?

In essence a Settlement Agreement is a deal between an employer and an employee who is leaving their job. In return for the payment of a sum of money, the employee gives up the right to bring any legal claims against the employer. Both sides also make various other promises to each other about things they will or won't do in the future.

A Settlement Agreement is an important legal document because it affects your legal rights. As an employee, you are, effectively, signing away the right to bring any claim against your soon-to-be former employer.

A Settlement Agreement will generally contain a good deal of technical legal language and may run to many pages.

It will only amount to a valid and binding agreement if you have had independent legal advice before signing it.

We have many year's experience advising on Settlement Agreements, both from the employee's and the employer's perspective.

We will advise you as to whether you have any valuable legal rights that you are being asked to sign away, so that you are able to decide whether or not signing the Settlement Agreement is right for you. We will then take you through the Settlement Agreement stage by stage, explaining any legal terms that may be unfamiliar, to make sure that you know exactly what it is you are signing, if this is what you decide to do.

Finally, we will take care of the formalities of signing the Agreement and returning it to your employer and provide a certificate confirming that you have received advice.

There is no need for a face-to-face meeting, we will happily arrange a remote appointment.

The employer will always offer to make a contribution to your legal costs. Depending on the amount offered, it may be that this will cover the complete cost of our service.

Signing a Settlement Agreement is an important step which affects your legal rights. It is vital that you obtain advice from a lawyer who specialises in this area of work.

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