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Business Advice

Whether a start-up business, an expanding SME, or a well-established organisation we are experienced in providing effective and supportive business advice.

Applied Knowledge and Attention to Detail

In order for us to provide you with documentation that fits your business we get to know you and your business. Regular meetings, and at least an annual review with your accountant, often provide opportunities to find better ongoing solutions to some of the risks of the business. For instance, it may make sense for higher risk areas of the business to be ring-fenced into a specially formed company. We provide the necessary advice and service you need.

Proactive Planning and Business Insight

Experience has shown litigation and disputes can be avoided between business owners where the partie's arrangements are set out clearly in writing from the outset.

Matters will include:

  • The Sharing Of Profits And Losses
  • Succession Planning
  • Leaving And Selling The Business
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Shareholder’s Agreements For Companies
  • Partnership Agreements For Businesses
  • Joint Venture Agreements
  • LLP Agreements
  • Debt Recovery
  • Staff Contracts
  • Health Checks
  • Employee Law
  • Terms of Business

Business Agreements

Partnership Agreements

Business partnerships are not always simple, when two or more people enter into an enterprise for the purpose of making a profit. Partners need to consider their obligations to one another, setting out these obligations in a written Agreement ………. Statute Law implies default provisions that may be very different to your intentions!

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Agreements

These are similar to the above but the LLP vehicle enjoys Limited Liability.  However, care needs to be taken to ensure that this is the case.

Shareholder Agreements

Company legislation is vast and where there is more than one shareholder separating the investment from management functions along with ‘control’ needs to be carefully considered. A Limited Company will give limited liability!

The above documents will help clarify investors return on capital issues, control and business risk and will reduce the risk of any arguments later.

Business Sales & Purchases

Competing in business today, whether as sole trader, limited company or partnership can be demanding, yet with the right planning and support it can be greatly rewarding. As a firm we understand response times and clear communications are core strengths businesses look for.

Gardner Croft has experienced commercial lawyers who are keen to understand your business environment and the issues and commercial pressures you face. Gardner Croft place great importance on the relationship with each of our commercial clients as we aim to become a trusted and integral part of your business organisation.

Although our team are highly experienced in acting on business transactions, it is important our clients feel empowered in their decision making processes and in tackling legal issues and challenges which concern them.

Commercial Contracts

Our commercial contracts solicitors in Canterbury have significant experience, knowledge and expertise in offering business contract legal advice. Our experience is there to guide and best advise our clients to avoid the problems which can arise when agreements are not drafted to take into account the particular circumstances and the specific requirements for the transaction.

We have particular experience of preparing bespoke contractual documentation to help you protect your business interests, for instance, in drafing:

  • Service Contracts
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Supplier Agreements
  • Commission Agreements
  • Terms and Conditions

Commercial Litigation

Whilst the range of disputes for businesses is as varied and as diverse as the businesses themselves, Gardner Croft will offer pragmatic advice for pursuing or defending a dispute.

With your company’s interests foremost in our consideration our role is to guide you as to the prospects for success and any likely implications to your business.
In any legal situation speed of reaction can be key but none more so than in commercial disputes where advice at the earliest possible stage can increase the likelihood of success, reducing further proceedings and costs.

Specialist litigation services include:

Debt Collection

Helping your business to maintain a healthy cash flow.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Disputes can be resolved away from the court system.


  • Boundary Disputes
  • Landlord and Tenant Notices
  • Leasehold Franchisement
  • Possession Proceedings

Inheritance Disputes

Commercial Disputes

  • Partnership and Company Disputes
  • Contract Disputes

Credit Control and Debt Recovery

In any business climate getting debtors to pay their bills can be difficult and frustratingly time-consuming but it is a task all businesses have to confront.

Gardner Croft’s credit control and debt collection team offer a fast and effective debt collection service. We will send an initial solicitor’s letter to your debtors for a fixed fee of £75 plus VAT, which can often result in payment. If it does not, then Gardner Croft are able to commence court proceedings on your behalf, obtain Judgment (either in default or not) and assist with enforcing that Judgment through the many available legal options.

In addition, our Credit Control team can review your own internal credit control systems and advise on how they can be improved to ensure a smoother cash flow for you.

Business Advice Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! With you and your accountant we can potentially save many thousands of pounds!

No, business law is more complex and involved.