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Commercial Property

Gardner Croft has been offering advice about commercial property for over a century.

Gardner Croft’s Commercial Property Solicitors in Canterbury work with clients to ensure they can achieve their objectives in buying, disposing of or letting their property.

Acting For Developers

Our Solicitors and Lawyers for Property Developers are highly skilled in advising you on every aspect of a site purchase, develop or acquire. We take pride in our hands-on approach our experienced solicitors adopt.

Our unconditioned expertise of site assembly, acting for developers, dealing with architects as well as planners and the developer’s team is our key strength when ensuring that the site reaches the point of plot sale and can proceed without issues and delays.

Agricultural Property

Agricultural Property Solicitors in Canterbury, Gardner Croft offer specialist legal services for farmers and estate owners in and around Canterbury.

From the sale of working farms to the granting of farm business tenancies and dealing with shooting rights we work with your land agent and your accountant to ensure your needs are met.

Having worked in this field for many years our clients, often landowners and tenants, include significant farming businesses. Succession planning is often a big issue for farming families and here we often work with the wealth protection team to ensure the succession process is smooth and tax effective.

Equine and Grazing Agreements and Agricultural Tenancies

For instance: Grazing Licences, Farm Business Tenancy (FBT), Commercial Business Tenancy and Common Law Tenancy,

From short term agreements through to long term arrangements we are able to assist on equine and grazing agreements and agricultural tenancies.

Equestrian and Unusual Properties

We have specific links with equine property agents and have experience of dealing with the sale and purchase of these equestrian properties and an understanding of the needs and wants of buyers and sellers in this market.

Acting for Investors

At Gardner Croft our solicitors and lawyers for property investors in Canterbury have a vast legal expertise in acting for investment landlords and/or their pension funds in negotiating suitable lease terms.

Gardner Croft have an experienced team who can deal with a wide range of issues connected with commercial property portfolio management.

We have experience of acting for investment landlords and/or their pension funds in negotiating suitable lease terms.

Where there is a business park we will produce documentation that allows you to manage the park or development more easily.

Commercial Leases

At Gardner Croft, our commercial leases solicitors in Canterbury are highly experienced in providing you with specialist legal services. We can help with the negotiation of commercial leases whether you are a landlord or tenant. It is always worth taking early and expert legal advice as leases for commercial property can be complex. It is important that you fully understand the implications and obligations, in order to avoid costly mistakes.

When acting for a tenant there are quite a few tips that can save you money, for instance:

  • Negotiating a cap on any service charges.
  • Agreeing with the landlord for the repair liability to be limited to the state and condition to match when the tenant takes on the property.
  • The potential for any break clause so that a tenant can exit a lease early if their business circumstances change.

Conditional Property Contracts

Contracts can be made conditional upon various events. Commonly this can include the obtaining of a planning permission and care needs to be taken that the satisfaction of this condition is clear and within a certain timeframe.

Quite often clients won’t be aware of the flexibility we may be able to provide in a transaction. There may appear to be too many uncertainties for a deal to go ahead and it is in these circumstances that a conditional contract can be very helpful and mean you, as a seller, can secure a buyer, even though there are underlying issues and even though it may seem that you are not in a position to sell.

Options and Overage Agreements

An Option is an Agreement to purchase property or land which is exercisable by one party. It is up to the buyer whether or not they wish to go ahead with the purchase for a fixed time period, but at the same time offers the buyer certainty they can exclusively purchase the property during that period.

As a seller you may not have the resource or time to maximise the development potential of your property or land and the use of an Overage Agreement allows you to capture some of the future increase in the value of the land where a subsequent owner has increased the development potential of the land.

Our Options and Overage Agreements solicitors will often recommend that commercial property contracts are looked at in conjunction with other professionals such as surveryors, achitects and accountants to try and ensure the deal best suits you.

Planning and Planning Agreements

At Gardner Croft, our planning and planning agreements solicitors work closely and in conjunction with your planner and have considerable experience in helping produce planning documentation such as planning agreements.

We tend to recommend you to discuss with a planner and architect primarily in relation to planning matters for instance in looking at the development potential of land.

Sales and Leaseback

We have considerable experience of handling of the sale of high value freeholds to pension funds, and other parties, and enabling the seller to create leases back to their businesses.

It is recommended both your accountants and surveyor, along with ourselves, are working hard to ensure that the terms suit you.

Sales and Purchases

At Gardner Croft, our sales and purchases property solicitors have professional experience in advising of the implications occurred when dealing with commercial property and any issues that may arise.

Our aim is to make sure that your sale and purchase are completed as quickly and painlessly as possible whilst providing you with an efficient and friendly service.

We also have considerable experience in dealing with the implications of title and planning issues.

Buy To Let Properties

Issues with tenants, and all that goes with that including, dealing with issues of arrears (see property litigation), dealing with deposits and the terms of any tenancy all need careful appraisal. HMO issues and dealing with lenders and their specific needs in these transactions are something we are well used to.