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Setting up a Trust can provide a flexible structure for protecting family assets or providing for vulnerable and disabled beneficiaries. In many cases a Trust has the benefit of sheltering these assets from matters such as matrimonial complications, financial difficulties, personal health problems, care home fees and tax liabilities.

What Is A Trust?
A basic explanation of a Trust is that assets are transferred to people that you nominate (the “trustees”) to look after assets on behalf of others (the “beneficiaries”).

What Assets Can Be Put Into Trust?
Essentially, any asset can be put into Trust. The assets can range from cash, a property, or an investment portfolio. The value of the asset can also be as a little or as great as you wish.

Which Trust Is Right For Me?
This will ultimately be determined by your overall objectives. There are particular trusts for achieving particular end results. Your adviser will discuss these matters with you in detail to ensure that the correct structure is put in place for you.

What Are The Next Steps In Setting Up A Trust?

We have put together a straight forward fact sheet about Trusts which you make like to read. Please contact us to receive a copy.

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