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Child Arrangement Orders

When you’re going through a divorce or separation process, you’ll naturally be concerned about the impact on your children. Our expert family solicitors at Gardner Croft can support you to obtain a child arrangement order to legally establish how your children will spend their time, where they will live, and who they will have contact with regularly once you and your partner are separated.

A child arrangement order is used to ensure that your child experiences living arrangements that reflect their best interests. Our child law solicitors will start off by supporting parents to amicably make these arrangements, if both parents cannot agree, or there is excessive conflict, we can assist parents to negotiate these matters at a family court hearing.

Formerly known as child custody, our specialist solicitors can support clients with a range of child arrangement related processes, including:

  • Support with your child arrangements order application
  • Legal assistance with meditation processes
  • Preparation for, and representation at, child arrangements order court hearings
  • Appealing a child arrangement order

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Why Work With Our Child Arrangement Orders Solicitors?

Our expert lawyers are dedicated to offering practical and sensitive solutions, supporting parents to arrange the care of their children, as part of divorce proceedings or when unmarried parents are separating. We will do all that we can to swiftly guide you through the relevant processes, with minimal disruption to your daily life, and provide you with support and expert advice about the best possible solution for you and your children.

Our family law solicitors will assist you to keep issues concerning the care of your children out of court where possible. Naturally, depending on the specific situation, it may not always be possible to do so. If you need to seek a court order, to organise your child’s living arrangements, rest assured, we have extensive experience in dealing with such matters in an empathetic and constructive way whilst also taking a robust approach where necessary in Court proceedings.

Our Approach

At Gardner Croft, we take the time to assess the personal needs of each client and we’ll always attentively listen to your concerns and support you to realise your preferences and needs.

Our family solicitors in Canterbury can offer you:

  • Unbiassed advice concerning your potential options, filling you with confidence that you’re making a well-informed choice about the future of your children.
  • Expert assistance from practitioners with many years’ experience in child arrangement orders and with divorce-related legal accreditations.
  • Personalised solutions that consider the specifics of each individual divorce, separation and child arrangements case.

We appreciate that divorce with children can be an extremely difficult experience. Many clients feel confused about their legal rights, distressed by the situation, and unsure of how to navigate the process. Our solicitors always strive to take a holistic approach, helping you to put your children first during this trying time.

Our Child Arrangement Orders Expertise

Child Arrangement Orders Application

When going through the divorce process, many parting couples struggle to agree on the living arrangements for their children. If you and your ex-spouse are having a dispute about this, you’ll need the support of a family solicitor to apply for a child arrangement order.

Anyone with parental responsibility has the right to apply for a child arrangements order, and you will not need prior permission from the court to do so. Individuals who are eligible to apply include the parent or guardian of the child, a spouse or civil partner who is responsible for the child, or someone who already has a residence order for that child.

The application process can feel overwhelming, particularly if there is underlying tension and ill-feeling between you and your ex- partner. Our professional solicitors at Gardner Croft will start off by reviewing your legal standing, and your ideal preferences. With a full understanding of your circumstances, we can sensitively guide you through the associated processes, referred to in old legal terminology as child’s custody proceedings.

Child Arrangements Mediation

Our solicitors can support separating and divorcing parties with child arrangement meditation processes. These procedures give couples the chance to agree on their child’s living arrangements, without attending a court hearing.

As part of this procedure, divorcing parties will need to attend a Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM). At the meeting, a trained mediator will assess the situation to determine if the particular case is suitable for a mediation process.

If your case is appropriate for mediation, we can support you in the processes that follow, offering advice on what to prepare, what to expect, and reviewing any agreements that you reach through the family mediation process.

If your case is not suitable for mediation or if an urgent application needs to be made to the Court, we will deal with that for you.

Child Arrangements Court Hearing

In many cases, separated parents cannot agree on the arrangements for their children. Under these circumstances, our family lawyers will help you to prepare for a court hearing, where you can obtain a child arrangement order to finalise your child’s living situation. When supporting you to prepare for a court hearing, our child law solicitors will assist you using the following activities:

  • Drafting your application to explain the child arrangement issues that you and your ex-partner disagree about.
  • If you believe that your child is at risk in their current living situation, we will also help you to draft a supplementary application.
  • Sending your application to the relevant court.
  • Serving the court documents to any parties that are involved.
  • Ensuring that the service certificate is passed on to the relevant court.

What to Expect at a Child Arrangements Orders Court Hearing?

At a child arrangements court hearing the court will assess the issues that the parents disagree on and try to guide the parties towards an amicable solution. In many cases, obtaining a child arrangements court order may involve multiple hearings. It can take some time to reach an agreement and assess any relevant evidence which supports either side of the case.

The court may review evidence offered by CAFCASS, or suggest options such as a fact-finding review, or a dispute resolution process. Before you attend court to organise your child’s living arrangements, it’s vital that you seek the support of a solicitor.

Appealing a Child Arrangements Order

If the court has granted child arrangements order for your child, and you are unhappy with the order, our children law solicitors can instruct you throughout the appeals process. We can review your case, and offer practical and honest advice, about the likely outcome of your appeal.

Once a child arrangements order has be issued, is it imperative that both parties follow the guidelines set out in the court order. Failing to follow the court order could land you in legal trouble. If you disagree with the outcome, you’ll need further legal support from a family lawyer to remedy the situation and assess the next step. Going through divorce and separation can be an emotionally draining time, but it’s important that you put the needs of your children first.

Our Child Arrangements Orders Fees

Fixed Fees for Legal Assistance

Our child arrangement orders solicitors may be in a position to offer fixed- fee legal advice. Before we can give you a clear idea of the fees involved, we’ll first need to understand the specifics of your case, so that we have a better idea of your requirements.

Hourly Rates for Legal Services

If your case is particularly complex, we may instead offer set hourly rates, depending on the legal specialism required. To learn more about legal expenses for your case, contact us at Gardner Croft Solicitors.

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