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Civil Partnership Dissolution

Bringing your civil partnership to an end can be an emotionally exhausting time and organising the practical and legal processes can feel rather daunting. Our civil partnership dissolution solicitors can guide you through every stage of the process, providing you with a stress-free experience while addressing your needs and concerns.

If you are part of a civil partnership and your relationship has broken down, we can help you to dissolve your partnership. Under the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020, couples can apply to dissolve their civil partnership without needing to provide a reason.

Our civil partnership lawyers can offer many different types of support with the associated processes, including:

  • Applying for a civil partnership dissolution
  • Civil partnership dissolution financial settlements
  • Child arrangements when ending a civil partnership
  • Assistance throughout the relevant court proceedings if necessary

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Why Work with Our Civil Partnership Dissolution Lawyers in Canterbury?

Our civil partnership lawyers are committed to providing industry-leading legal assistance, affording couples the expert support that they need during this difficult time. We understand that you are likely to have concerns and may be perplexed about the associated legalities. Our specialist lawyers will ensure that you understand the associated processes and guide you to make key decisions based on your situation preferences and rights.

Our Civil Partnership and Solicitors’ Approach

At Gardner Croft Solicitors, we strive to understand the needs of our clients, helping them to find pragmatic solutions to their legal problems.

Our expert solicitors can offer you:

  • Unbiased legal advice, providing an analysis of all of your feasible options, allowing you to make intelligent and practical choices.
  • Expert guidance from lawyers with specialist accreditations and extensive experience.
  • Bespoke legal solutions that acknowledge the distinct needs of every separating couple.

Our Civil Partnership Dissolution Expertise

Applying for the Dissolution of a Civil Partnership

We can assist you throughout the civil partnership dissolution application process, ensuring a smooth procedure with minimal stress. Applicants may experience issues if any mistakes are made on the dissolution forms, which is why it’s crucial to seek the support of a solicitor. Our high-calibre lawyers will ensure that both parties understand their legal position and responsibilities and know how the civil partnership dissolution will impact their future.

Civil Partnership Dissolution Financial Settlements

When you are ending a civil partnership, you’ll need legal assistance to reach a financial settlement with your ex-partner. The prospect of separating your finances may feel unnerving, and you’ll want to ensure that you reach a fair agreement.

Our family lawyers in Canterbury can assist you when negotiate your finances, including:

  • Determining how property will be divided.
  • Separating your shares, stocks, savings, and any investments.
  • Dividing your pensions.
  • Arranging spousal maintenance payments.

Child Arrangements on Civil Partnership Dissolution

If you have children, and your civil partnership breaks down, our expert solicitors can assist you to make the necessary childcare arrangements, agree where your children will live, and determine how they will be financially covered.

Our solicitors will attempt to help you make child arrangements without having to attend court proceedings. We can support you using child arrangements meditation processes; these procedures are used to help separating partners negotiate living arrangements for their children.

Before attempting child arrangements meditation, our family solicitors will support you to attend a Meditation Information and Assessment Meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to determine whether your case is suitable for meditation.

If our lawyers cannot help you to amicably reach a conclusion, we can help you to prepare for court proceedings, and offer you the legal representation that you need.

Our Civil Partnership Solicitors Fees

The fixed fee to make a civil partnership application is £593. If you require legal support throughout the application stages, and with the associated proceedings that follow, you’ll be charged a civil dissolution solicitors fee. The exact fee will depend on your case and the level of legal support that you require. To receive an accurate estimate of your fees, contact Gardner Croft Solicitors today.

Civil Partnership Dissolution Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Grounds for a Civil Partnership Dissolution?

The grounds for dissolving a civil partnership are the irretrievable breakdown of the relationship. Neither party is required to provide a reason for the relationship breakdown and couples are permitted to submit either a separate or joint application.

In the past, couples were required to provide a reason for the breakdown of the relationship, for example, unreasonable behaviour or desertion. The Divorce and Dissolution law was reformed on April 6th, 2022, meaning that individuals no longer need to provide such explanations.

What Is the Civil Partnership Dissolution Process?

If you’d like to apply to end your civil partnership, you’ll need to make an application for a civil partnership dissolution order. Couples can download the relevant application forms directly from the Government website; however, it is not advised that couples work through the process without the support of a civil partnership dissolution lawyer.

Separating couples must complete the D8 application form and confirm that the relationship has irretrievably broken down. As part of the application, you must provide a certified copy of your civil partnership certificate.

Once the court has agreed and issued the application, couples must wait 20 weeks to receive a Conditional Order. Six weeks after the Conditional Order has been granted, the couples can apply for a Final Order, which confirms the dissolution of the partnership.

How Long Does a Civil Partnership Dissolution Take?

Ending a civil partnership should take approximately 6-9 months, however, making child arrangements and reaching a financial settlement may add extra time to the process, particularly if there are disputes.

Our family solicitors at Gardner Croft have plenty of experience supporting clients with dissolving a civil partnership. We will guide you through the entire process as quickly as possible, offering tailor-made legal advice throughout.

Can My Partner Disagree to a Civil Partnership Dissolution?

If one partner wishes to dissolve a civil partnership, and the other partner does not agree, that partner does not have the option to dispute the dissolution.

The only way that an individual can dispute a civil partnership dissolution is if it wasn’t valid, or the court does not have the relevant jurisdiction to handle the dissolution.

If your ex-partner is claiming either of the above grounds to dispute the dissolution of your civil partnership, our lawyers at Gardner Croft can investigate the nature of the claims, and provide you with the legal advice you need, to progress through the next steps.

Do You Need a Solicitor to End a Civil Partnership?

Individuals can apply for a civil partnership dissolution without the support of a solicitor; however, it is not advisable to do so. Dissolving a civil partnership often involves coming to financial agreements and organising child living arrangements. To ensure that your needs are recognised, and your rights are protected, it’s best that you consult a solicitor, to guide you through the relevant legal processes.

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To get in touch with our civil partnership dissolution solicitors in Canterbury, please call us on 01227 813400, email or fill in our simple online enquiry form on the right-hand side of the page to request a call back.