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Making a Will

Making a Will is a crucially important task, yet many so many people do not prioritise it.

Failing to draft a Will can cause legal complications and emotional stress for your loved ones left behind. Unless you create a will, your estate will be administered according to intestacy rules. Under intestacy, there are guidelines that determine who will inherit your assets, and under what conditions. There is a strong likelihood that these guidelines may be in opposition with your wishes, and those of your family, which is why making a Will is so essential.

Our Wills and Estates Solicitors in Canterbury have considerable experience in supporting clients to draft Wills, accurately reflecting their needs and preferences. We appreciate that the decisions associated with making a Will can be confusing. Our Solicitors are here to provide practical and sympathetic support to make these crucial processes less complicated and stressful.

Gardner Croft Solicitors can help clients with a range of Will related matters, including:

  • Legal Advice on Making a Will
  • Straightforward Wills and Reciprocal Wills
  • Advice on Probate
  • Tax Efficient Wills
  • Living Wills and Advanced Decisions
  • Flexible Life Interest Wills
  • Trusts

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Why Work with our Wills and Estate Solicitors?

Our Wills and Estate Solicitors are dedicated to providing first-rate legal services, affording you peace of mind that your legal affairs will be handled as you would like when you pass away.

Our Solicitors at Gardner Croft are highly skilled in estate planning, we can support you to review the assets that form your estate, helping you to avoid excessive tax.

We can offer specialist legal advice and ensure that your loved ones can take full advantage of their inheritance, as you intended. Our expert Wills and Estate Solicitors can advise clients to secure their assets and protect the interests of their families.

We understand that making a Will can bring up a lot of emotions. For many people, reviewing their finances and assets in this context can induce much anxiety. Our Solicitors at Gardner Croft can guarantee empathetic legal support, helping you to draft the perfect Will to reflect your needs and priorities.

Our Wills and Estates Solicitor’s Approach

At Gardner Croft Solicitors, our approach is to offer a bespoke, highly personalised service. We take the time to actively listen to the needs and concerns of all our clients. As part of our Wills and Estate planning service, you will benefit from:

  • Unbiased advice about making a Will and Estate planning options, helping you to make the appropriate choices, to benefit your loved ones.
  • Specialist guidance from legal practitioners with expert experience and accreditations in diverse and manifold Wills and Estate matters.
  • Personalised solutions that focus on the individuality of each client, helping you to access legal products that best suit your circumstances.

Our Wills and Estates Expertise

Legal Advice on Making a Will

Our Wills Solicitors in Canterbury can offer expert legal advice on making a Will, guiding you through what can be a complicated decision-making process. We can offer straightforward guidance while responding to your concerns and advising on the best options for your personal situation. Our Will and Estate Solicitors can support you throughout the various Will drafting processes, including:

  • Reviewing your assets, assessing the value, and advice on associated financial and tax planning procedures.
  • Choosing beneficiaries and executors, including advice about the responsibilities of your appointed executor and what to consider when choosing a candidate.
  • Guidance on and planning the division of your estate.
  • Legal advice on what you should do if someone is likely to make a claim against your estate.

Straightforward Wills and Reciprocal Wills

Our specialist Wills Solicitors can support you with straightforward Wills, helping you to make decisions about what will happen to your estate when you die. Our lawyers will begin by helping you to value your estate, reviewing your assets and your debts. The next step is to determine how you would like to divide your estate, where you will need to consider the people you would like to distribute your assets to and how much of a share they will receive.

Reciprocal Wills are a type of Will designed for couples, allowing both spouses to transfer their property when they pass away. With a reciprocal Will, the contents of each Will effectively ‘mirror’ one another. Both spouses agree to leave their property to each other, when one partner passes away. The couple also make a joint decision about who the property will be transferred to when they are both deceased.

Advice on Probate

Probate refers to the procedure of administering the deceased’s estate, performed by the executor named in their Will. The probate process involves distributing the inheritance, paying off debts and taxes and organising the deceased’s money and assets.

Before the named executor can conduct the probate process, they must first apply for a grant of probate. Our Wills and Probate Solicitors can support executors to do this, helping them to administer the deceased’s estate, according to their wishes.

Tax Efficient Wills

The legalities surrounding Wills and taxes can be complicated, without the right legal advice, your estate could be subjected to additional taxes throughout the administration processes, such as inheritance tax (IHT).

Our Wills and Estates Solicitors in Canterbury have plenty of experience in supporting clients to create tax-efficient wills. With our help, you can avoid unnecessary taxes and ensure that your beneficiaries can take full advantage of the assets that you leave behind.

Living Wills and Advanced Decisions

Living Wills, also called ‘advanced decisions’ are used for individuals who are no longer able to make their own decisions. For example, a person who lacks mental capacity due to a health condition, or old age. Creating a living Will means pre-planning decisions about your future medical treatment and care. If you cannot make the decisions yourself, those who are caring for you must follow the predetermined medical instructions included in your living Will.

If you are concerned about the deterioration of your health in the future, our experts can help you to create a living Will. With a living Will in place, you can be sure that your medical treatment preferences are followed when you can no longer communicate your choices.

Flexible Life Interest Wills

Traditional Wills are not suitable for every client, some clients are looking to learn about flexible life interest Wills. Under this Will, when one spouse passes away, their assets are not passed onto the other spouse, but put into a Trust. Trustees are appointed to manage the Trust assets. These trustees must transfer a continuous income to the living spouse.

If you are interested in drafting a flexible Will, our Wills Solicitors at Gardner Croft can support you through the process, offering advice according to your personal circumstances.


A Will Trust refers to a legal arrangement that takes effect when a person dies. A group of named trustees are given control of the deceased person’s assets, on behalf of their chosen beneficiaries.

If you’re looking to establish a Trust as part of your Will, our Wills and trusts solicitors can support you to with the legal procedures. We can provide legal assistance for many different types of Trusts, including:

  • Lifetime Trusts and Pilot Trusts
  • Vulnerable and Disabled Persons Trusts
  • Discretionary Trusts
  • Insurance Trusts
  • Charitable Trusts
  • Property Trusts
  • Trusts for Grandchildren

Frequently Asked Questions About Wills and Estates

What Should I Consider When Making a Will?

When you are making a Will there are many considerations that you will need to make. You will need to start by reviewing the assets that you own and their value. Usually, a person’s estate includes their property, savings, pensions funds and investments.

You will need to consider who your beneficiaries will be and how you will distribute your assets. As well as leaving assets to your beneficiaries, you might also choose to leave portions of your estate to charitable organisations. When making your Will, you will also need to consider who you would like to appoint as your Will executor.

How Much Does Making a Will Cost?

The cost of making a Will depends on how complex the Will is and the length of time it will take to create. Once our Solicitors have an understanding of your assets and estate, we will be able to provide a clear indication of your fees.

For more information about our Will writing services and the associated legal fees, get in touch with our Will Solicitors in Canterbury.

Can You Make a Will Without a Solicitor?

While it is technically possible to make a Will without a solicitor, it is not advisable.  Attempting to create a Will without legal support can cause many issues, including:

  • You may fail to understand the full requirements to ensure that your Will is legally valid.
  • Not accounting for the possibility that one of your Will beneficiaries may pass away before you.
  • You may not take into consideration all of your property, money and assets.
  • You are unaware that divorce can have an impact on your Will.
  • Any changes that you make to your Will are deemed invalid unless they are witnessed.

What Does a Will Executor Do?

The Will executor is responsible for administering a person’s estate after they die. There are many different duties that a Will executor must carry out, including:

  • Distributing the estate
  • Paying the inheritance taxes
  • Keeping accounts for the estate
  • Making funeral arrangements
  • Registering the persons death
  • Dealing with the deceased person’s finances

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If you need legal support with making a Will, contact our Wills and Estate Solicitors in Canterbury. You can call us on 01227 813400, email or complete our enquiry form and a member of our legal team will call you back.