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Family Court Hearings Update

The Covid 19 crisis has caused much change and disruption since March 2020.  However, as the current lockdown starts to ease, what does this mean for the local Family Court? Over the past four months, Family Court hearings have taken place remotely by telephone conference or video call which has worked well.  In some instances, cases have had to be adjourned due to the nature of the hearing and relisted for a later date.

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Temporary Stamp Duty Land Tax Reductions

To help the UK economy recover from the Coronavirus pandemic, the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, has announced a temporary reduction in Stamp Duty Land Tax rates to take effect from 8th July 2020. This reduction in SDLT rates will last until 31st of March 2021 and will be welcomed by the property market.

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Separation – Who gets the TV?

When couples decide to separate, they must face the difficult and sometimes confusing question of how to divide their personal belongings. The process of working out what belongs to you, can often lead to dispute. What happens, for example, to the painting you bought before you were married, or the television that you purchased together?

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Arrangements for children during Covid-19 pandemic

Following the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, there has been much concern about what happens regarding arrangements for children spending time in the households of each of their parents. This is particularly relevant following the stay-at-homes rules and advice provided by the government.

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Who gets the dog on divorce?

Although the title to this article might raise a smile, the question of where, or rather with whom, pets will live is often a very important decision during a separation or divorce.

Pets are frequently considered to be part of the family with the responsibility, both financial and practical, playing a big factor in family life. So, what will happen to pets on divorce?

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Will the election result kick start the property market?

Some said that a Conservative majority would present a real boost to the economy and confidence to the property market. Those same commentators said that a Labour majority might not have quite the same impact on property prices but that under a Jeremy Corbyn led Government first time buyers would get more help. Another hung Parliament was not seen as good news at all. Other commentators were less confident as they felt neither of the major parties had a coherent housing strategy for the future.

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Living with Dementia

850,000 people are estimated to be living with dementia in the UK. Dementia is the biggest health threat facing society today and there are currently no effective treatments to slow, prevent or cure it. Sadly, one in three of us will be affected by dementia in some way.

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Are you bored of Brexit?

Whether you are a remainer, a leaver or an inbetweener you have probably been peeking out from that safe place behind the sofa like me, watching what’s been going on in Parliament and the EU and trying to work out what is going to happen and whether you can make plans for the future.

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Hidden Injuries

When someone is involved in a serious accident, the injuries they sustain are often self evident. Some injuries are less obvious however.

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Ground Rents on New Flats

Escalating ground rents on new flats has been a hot topic of conversation in legal circles for some time and has recently become a topic in the media with Nationwide announcing that it will not provide mortgages on certain properties.

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The New Residence Nil Rate Band

From April 2017, a new Residence Nil Rate Band (RNRB) has been introduced which, for those who qualify, will mean that the amount of money that you can leave in your Will, before paying Inheritance tax, has increased and will increase further over the next few years. From 2020-2021 couples who qualify will have a maximum of £1,000,000 that they can leave, before paying Inheritance Tax.

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The Gig Economy

Depending on how exciting your usual reading material is you may have come across a lot of excitement being generated about the so-called ‘gig economy’.

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Damages Awarded To The Victim Of “Sexting”

The BBC has reported that for the first time a victim of “sexting” has been awarded compensation in a Civil Court. The unnamed victim brought a civil claim for damages following the successful conviction of William Whillock.

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