I’m concerned about the children, what can I do?

The law encourages parents to work together and parent co-operatively in respect of their children. It is true to say that each parent will have their own parenting style that others may not necessarily agree with. If your concerns are limited to that of parenting style and technique, the most effective way to remedy this is to engage in discussions with one another. If you feel that this is not possible, the issue can be raised between solicitors, however, parenting technique is not something that the Court is able to impose upon parents.

However, If you have significant concerns regarding the health and welfare of your child whilst in the care of their other parent, particularly if you feel the child is being put at risk, the best course of action would be to contact social services. You should also seek legal advice as to how best to proceed regarding the future residency and contact arrangements for the child, in light of these welfare concerns.

If you are unsure as to whether you concerns would warrant contacting social services, we would be able to assist you in respect of this and advise you accordingly.