How much will it cost?

The amount that your case will cost will depend on how the case is funded. There are various ways to fund litigation. You may

1. pay privately,
2. enter into a contingency fee agreement (also known as a “no win no fee agreement”) or
3. your insurers may cover your claim.

With all of these funding arrangements you are incurring costs, but the way that those costs are paid differs. There are other options such as legal aid which we do not presently offer and which has been significantly reduced in terms of its availability.

If you pay privately we will provide you with an estimate of the likely costs of the case and ask you to pay money on account of our fees throughout the case. You may be able to recover some or all of those costs as dealt with in the question below.

You could enter into a contingency fee agreement (also known as a no win no fee agreement) with the firm. This type of arrangement involves you making no payment for our fees during the case. If you win the case then we would be paid our fees from the damages, and an agreed success fee. The success fee would be agreed before hand and would represent the risk to our firm of taking on the case on the basis that if we don’t win you don’t have to pay. There are variations of CFA agreements where it is partly private paying and partly no win no fee which we can discuss with you.

The level of costs that you will incur depends on the complexity of the case and whether the case proceeds to a trial or whether it settles beforehand. Some disputes settle after an initial letter or telephone call, whereas others proceed to trial. It is preferable to resolve your dispute as soon as possible and at as little cost to you as possible.
We would charge an hourly rate and would provide you with an estimate for the amount of time which we consider will be spent on your case. Each case differs and we would need to consider your specific case before providing you with an estimate of costs.