I Am Struggling To Cope Financially Since The Accident. Can Anything Be Done?

Naturally, if you are off work for a long period of time, or have to undergo prolonged medical treatments, buy equipment and so forth, this can strain the finances to the limit.

If your claim is disputed by the Defendant insurer, then there is usually very little that can generally be done, although it may be worth asking advice on the subject.

However, where liability is accepted by the insurer, then in most cases it may be possible to persuade them to make an interim payment, on account of your losses. There is also provision within the Civil Procedure Rules (of Court) to make an application to a Judge for an Order, if the insurers do not comply.

It is fair to say that insurers generally do not like making interim payments if they can avoid it, but if you have, or think you are likely to have, severe financial problems, do mention it at the earliest possibly opportunity. Do not leave it to the last minute, as these things do take time to put into effect.

To make a formal application to the Court, you must have a written admission of liability, or a Judgement from the Court, in your favour.

Also, generally speaking, the insurers (and the Court) will require medical evidence showing the nature and extent of your injury, and that it is related to the accident in question. Whilst the Court does not have to determine how you are going to spend the money, it is a very good idea to support a request for interim payment with evidence of earnings loss (payslips or a letter from your employer), receipts for items you have spent, quotes for things you are going to have to pay for, and so forth. Provide the information and documentation, in good time, and hopefully we will be able to secure some interim funds for you.

Obviously, credit for any interim payments made must be given at the end of the case when settlement is reached.