What are my funding options?

Legal aid
We do not undertake work which is funded by the Legal Services Commission and in any event most family work does not qualify for Legal Aid assistance, except in particular circumstances

Private funding
Work undertaken by a Solicitor is invoiced regularly and often on a monthly basis. Please contact us should you wish to discuss how regularly you would like to receive an invoice, depending on your particular circumstances.

Alternatively, we can set up a monthly standing order so that you payments are at a regular fixed amount and easier to manage. These will chip away at invoices as and when they arise which can help you to manage your payments.

Moneys on Account
It is customary, to ask clients for advance payments to be held on account in respect of any future work undertaken. Therefore, there remains the option to pay sums in advance to be held on account and to settle future invoices.

Legal expenses loan
Some organisations offer loans that are tailored specifically to cover the costs of divorce proceedings. The amount of the loan is between you and the loan company, rather than with your Solicitor and would be subject to the company’s own terms and conditions of the loan. If you wished to explore this option further we would be able to advise you appropriately as to the costs that might be associated with your divorce and the amount you would need to borrow.

Private Lending
It is possible to seek private forms of lending from banks or building societies; however these will be subject to their own rates of interest and repayment schedules.

Assistance from family
Some clients are able to seek financial assistance from family members and we can accept payments made on behalf of a client.

If you have an issue with funding please discuss this with us so that we may help and advise you.