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Wills and LPAs – is there any overlap?

You may have made a Will and a Lasting Power of Attorney.  These are separate documents, but we are often asked if there is any relationship between the two documents and the differences between Attorneys and Executors.
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Will my spouse automatically inherit everything when I die?

Whilst a difficult and intimidating subject to consider, what will happen to our estate and belongings when we pass away are important decisions to make. Many people assume whether it’s the fault of false media presentation or evolving practices that have yet to become modern common knowledge, that a person’s husband or wife will automatically receive everything after their partner’s death.
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Changing a Will: What You Need to Know

A will is one of the most important documents most of us will ever create, involving some of the most important decisions. This is because your will is your voice when you pass away, ensuring that your assets and estate are divided precisely as you wish for them to be. To make sure your will is kept up to date both in terms of legalities and content, it is advised that you review it every five years or after any life event that may require you to make amendments.
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Feeling left out?

One of the hardest things following the death of a relative can be the realisation that they have made no provision for their family and dependents or that the provision they have made is simply inadequate for one or more of them.
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KM Colour Run 2016

Gardner Croft were delighted to not only sponsor the KM Colour Run 2016, but also be represented by four of our team to endure the colour fest and everything that was thrown at them. Collectively we raised over £300 for our chosen charities and the team had a really good time.
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