Canterbury Bubble?

Yet locally there seems to be a much more optimistic tone. The Canterbury Times (9 May 2013) led with ‘High Tech boom in the Silicon Stour Valley’ detailing the IT, high tech and knowledge based businesses starting-up, moving to and growing in Canterbury…..We can help with IT/ High Tech businesses and start-ups and have assisted many such companies.

There is little you can do to change the state of the national economy but instead concentrating on your Business, the local economy and comparative advantages enjoyed in the Canterbury District economy are things you can help shape!

1. Review your Business – come and talk to Gardner Croft Solicitors
– Review your Business Plan!
– Does your Business structure protect you from personal liability?
– Review your Terms and Conditions!

2. Get involved with the drafting of the Local Plan it’s an important document as it guides development in the district covering shops, businesses, homes, leisure facilities and countryside.

C4B is hosting a breakfast briefing on 28June click here for more!

We are experienced in dealing with your Commercial Property Requirements.

3. Look at getting involved in your Chamber of Commerce, Start My Biz, Canterbury 4 Business (C4B) and Canterbury City Partnership

Keep active and keep working on your Business….as well as in your Business!

As a law firm based in Canterbury we are ideally set to help you survive and thrive – come and talk to us!