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Don’t Get Tangled Up In The World Wide Web

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Don’t Get Tangled Up In The World Wide Web

That can be as simple as a site setting out your services and giving contact details or it may be that all your business is conducted through the website - businesses such as Amazon or eBay being prime examples.

Most people will hire someone to set up their website. It is vital to know what you want the website for and to agree the specification and terms of delivery in advance. You should ensure that you are both clear on what the developer will provide. A website requires three things - a domain name (such as, content and a host. Some developers will provide all three, some just the content.

A well drafted agreement will cover such issues as well as deal with who owns the copyright in the website, who owns the domain name, whether hosting services are to be provided and whether support services are to be provided. It will also include terms dealing with what happens if the website is not accessible and provide an opportunity for you to fully test the website before providing payment in full. It is common for web developers to try to insist on payment in full before they will release the website or domain name and without a clear agreement, it can be a difficult process getting these released.

Domain names can also be a problem - cyber-squatting, the process where someone registers a domain name simply so that they can obtain money for letting someone else use it, is no longer a problem that just affects large corporations. Fortunately, these days there are well established ways to decide any domain name disputes but it can be a fairly lengthy process‚ a period during which you will not be able to have the name you want and may well be losing money as a result.

It is best therefore to try and take all reasonable precautions to avoid such problems and take proper advice before you embark on creating what may be one of the most important marketing and business tools you possess.

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