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Happily Ever After….? The Rise Of Silver Divorces

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Happily Ever After….? The Rise Of Silver Divorces

However, recent statistics* show that divorces amongst people who are aged 60 or over, are increasing. So called 'silver' divorces are much more common today than previously. Why?

There may be several reasons that explain this upward trend. In years gone by, it was generally accepted that marriage was 'for life'. Cultural changes may have led people to feel that they have more options available than before; they can now leave an unhappy marriage if they want to and, at least in Western society, they can do so without a social stigma attached.

In a society that focuses largely on 'celebrity', we see famous people getting divorced at the end of a long marriage on a regular basis, all of which is played out in the media. When Nicole Kidman was pictured punching the air for joy as she left court clutching her final divorce papers, does that have an effect on us, regardless of our age?

There are suggestions that once children have grown up and flown the nest a couple are then able at to part company, which they felt reluctant to do when their children were younger.

Further, the lifestyles of people in the modern day have led to a change in people's aspirations and the expectations that this places on their marriage.

There have also been suggestions that people feel able to cope both financially and emotionally, outside of a marriage and that this notion is supported by society and the media.

Before couples contemplate a divorce, it may be possible for issues within the marriage to be explored and perhaps resolved, through channels such as counselling or family therapy. And whilst statistics show that silver divorces are rising, it is currently the case that less then half of all marriages end in divorce.

If an individual is contemplating a divorce, whatever their age, it is important that they receive specialist legal advice from the outset. The Family Team at Gardner Croft has specialist knowledge in divorce and the financial matters arising from this. If you or someone you know needs family law advice, contact our divorce solicitors in Canterbury for an initial consultation.

* Office for National Statistics.
Written by Joanna Illingworth

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