Fixed Fee Divorce Solicitor in Canterbury

As practitioners, we understand that clients wish to have the time and space to discuss options at an initial meeting without feeling that costs are mounting throughout the interview. For this reason, we offer a first consultation at a cost of £150 plus VAT. This fee covers the entire meeting, however long it lasts, and a letter confirming the matters discussed and the advice given following the appointment. During the meeting we take the time to discuss your circumstances in detail so we can provide you with a service that is tailored to your needs, from your first meeting and thereafter.

Fixed Fee Divorce

In addition to this, we are aware that some clients wish to fix the costs of dealing with a divorce (separate from the financial discussions and agreement) at the start of the proceedings to the end.

We offer a fixed service of £795 inclusive of VAT (plus any relevant court fees) to cover the actual divorce proceedings. Some online companies and solicitors offer a fixed fee divorce with exclusions because, in essence, the cost of divorce proceedings depends upon the parties involved. You can, in some instance, pay more than the quoted price given by an online company because issues are unforeseen at the start and can occur because the paperwork is often not managed by a solicitor with the experience to support the client throughout the process.

Financial Matters On Divorce

At an initial meeting, we will give you an estimate of the costs in dealing with the financial aspects of the divorce if matters remain undefended throughout and look at the possibility of a fixed fee divorce (as distinct from the divorce process itself). These costs can vary depending upon the circumstances of each individual case. We will provide you with the best possible information about the likely cost and the outset to help you budget.

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