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Divorce Solicitors In Canterbury

You may be thinking about separating from your partner, spouse or civil partner.  Or you may be in the process of going through a separation or divorce.

In any event, if you decide to obtain legal advice, you will want to know how you stand from a legal perspective and what options will be available to you.  We can help.

The process of a separation or divorce inevitably carries with it questions about financial matters, for example, in relation to jointly-held assets or contributions made to assets owned by your spouse, partner or civil partner.

We will meet with you to talk through your current situation and respond to your questions surrounding this.  We will advise and guide you as to the most appropriate and cost-effective way forward to suit your personal circumstances.

We would suggest that you seek advice at the earliest possible stage to ensure that you are as prepared as you can be for the steps that lie ahead.

Grounds For Divorce and Negotiation

As experienced divorce solicitors and Resolution solicitors in Canterbury, Kent, we will always attempt to achieve a negotiated settlement. If court proceedings are necessary they will be conducted rigorously on your behalf.

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